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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Postpartum Menu

It's one thing to crave delicious foods and drinks when you're pregnito. It's another thing to crave foods and drinks that you just can't indulge in.

I'm in the latter camp.

Some people make birthing plans. Some make postpartum menu plans. I'm also in the latter camp.

Superman has no idea how I'd like to deliver bebe {"behbeh"}, nor does he know exactly what he should be doing to help me deliver bebe. But he sure well knows EXACTLY what I want to be eating and drinking post delivery. And let me tell you -- if the man knows what's good for him, he'll deliver. Right to my bed side.

Here's the menu so far as outlined to Superman:

Breakfast: Eggs Benny (sub the ham out with some salmon, of course... )

Snack: See below and pray with me that these gifts from God will still be around in January.

Lunch: Soosh. (as in, sushi. Lots of it. In many non-California roll varieties.) 

Dinner: Deliciously RAW Oysters. (That's all I can think of right now for dinner... I'll get back to him with additions). 

What "illegal-during-pregnancy" foods do you think should go on THE plan?  

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