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Monday, March 26, 2012

Settling In

We're loving settling back into our home  -- and one of the best parts has been reconnecting with our friends. We've been on hiatus from the military for these couple weeks as we transition back so it's been perfect timing to soak in the social rainstorm.
Maybe next time we'll chat Army, but not today.
Here's a glimpse of our weekend! 

Our friend's boat cruise wedding!

Lilo baked us some cupcakes (which were all gone in less than 24 hours)

Celebrating Darcy's new job by getting our bangs did and going shopping!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


We are part of many families. My family, Superman's family, the Military family. And now, we are officially part of the French and Electric Blue family.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Congratulations to my lovely bridesmaid, and my even more lovely friend Yasmin -- she's engaged!!! 

She's the sweetest most super organized person that I know. During my engagement she did everything from picking up the bridesmaid dresses (as seen above), to hosting my bridal shower -- and did an AMAZING job.  

I owe her big time for all the wonderful things she's always done for me, and I'm so happy that she found someone who makes her happy happy happy!  

I can't wait until she comes back from L.A. so we can chat the deets!  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Do This!

Family is in.

Dress is on.

Camera is charged.

Superman comes home today!!!!

Let's do this.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Real Housewife

Within 24 hours of moving in, Superman spent his quick 48-hour drop-in getting right to work.

48 hours later -- one project, almost done!

And while Superman is keeping up with his end of the moving bargain... I'm trying to catch up on my own. Introducing, the real housewife of the Bean. Where you'll see alot of this: 

And realizing that you can't live without this: 

Well, for only one day really. Today I start my new job -- and thank God for that! Because this whole housewife thing  that went down for a full 24 hours yesterday -- besides the social life part of it -- is not for me. 

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with another Army couple whose husband is in the same law enforcement class as Superman -- let's call him "Nice Guy" (a.k.a. the kind of guy I'm glad to see Superman making nice with). Nice Guy mentioned that his fiance shouldn't really rush into getting a job -- their careers will let us live comfortably anyway. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

But Nice Guy you don't get it (I didn't say, of course). I'm a 3-jobs kinda gal. I'm a do-it-because-I-love-it. I'm a if-I-don't-do-it-I'll-go-out-of-my-mind. One day of this life is quite enough for the 20-something me who's everything but a full-time Ms. Suzy Homemaker.

Listen, I'm all about protecting and serving. And I know there's an image of us gals rocking our chairs next to a window while sewing patches onto our husbands uniforms, looking out our front porch where our American flags wave fiercely, waiting for our husbands to come home each night.

Nice guy, I'm glad you've found that.

But if I'm not out rocking my stilettos, publishing a great story, working towards the next big step, all while cleaning up after Superman's mess, cooking some decent food, and making sure the big business decisions are made -- well then, you'll more likely find me throwing that rocking chair out the window because I'm not sittin on it, and I sure as hell ain't waitin on anybody.

Don't you worry about a thing. (I'm saying this more to my own self than anyone else right now). Our Bean life will certainly involve more than just dates with Oreck and Tide. I'm wayyy more fabu than that!!!!!! 

Disclaimer: Nice guy was just that - a nice guy. He's great, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him around since the boys are close. So this isn't a knock at him at all - just an entre to broach the subject of "how I roll."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I knew I'd miss the Apple, but I didn't know how much. Now I know. I truly miss it, and I'm going through a terrible withdrawal. I've only taken four days off of work -- two, if you count the business trip as work -- and yet I still feel like I need to get back to doing what I love to do!!! It doesn't help that our house is still a mess of boxes and an unfinished kitchen.

I know that all will be fixed in due time --and with alot of hard work -- but I can't help but take myself back to walks and runs in Central Park. To two blocks away from work. To bright lights and new cafes. To my coworkers that have become friends and are now like sisters... 

It'll get easier, I know. But today, I miss it hard.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two Days and a Wake Up

I don’t know if hardship builds character, but character overcomes hardship.

In the civilian world, I'd scream: 3 more days until Superman comes HOME FOR GOOD!! But if you ask Superman, it's a little more exact than that. It's "two days and a wake up."  
It's been a wild few months. And even since we've moved back into our home in the Bean, (which has been less than a week), I still haven't had a second to breathe. And I probably won't until Friday. But there are a few things on my homecoming to-do list that I'd like to squeeze in:
  • Confirm post-ceremony lunch
  • Start new job (!!!!)
  • Clean house (Easier to write than to do!!)
What's on your special "to-do" list for homecoming?  

Monday, March 5, 2012

City Mouse, Country Mouse

I can't believe that less than a week ago I was in the biggest city in the U.S. and now I'm in a city where they've got country music programmed on radio "speed dial."

I'm in Indianapolis on a business trip for a few days. I had a mini panic attack my first night in the Bean -- our neighborhood is quiet. Too quite, I thought. Quiet enough to become a prime setting for a "Dateline Mystery" or "20/20" episode.

I totally believe that this trip to an even smaller city is God's way of just deflating me from the rush of the Apple. Case in point: When the Starbucks barista tried to engage in small talk, I gave him a dirty "you're a stranger" look. In the Apple, that look would've earned me an A+. Then I realized, I'm in the Midwest, and people are nice because they are nice. And people can be nice, because they are nice.

Drop the 'tude, burb girl.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Blog title change? Template change? You betcha.

It's one of many changes taking place in the Super household.

No longer do we live in the Apple -- we're a Bean family now.

And while we're still whole-hearted Army  -- we're also now a law enforcement family. We live the thin blue line.

I'm sure all of this will bring its own set of challenges -- which I'm sure will also bring its own set of wild blog posts!