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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Happy Anniversary to the man who would walk through fire -- and under swords -- for me. 

You squash spiders, even though I know how much you hate them. 
You make everything look better with some sweat, paint, and a hammer.
You don't take no for an answer, even if it's the easy way out. 
You may just be a bigger go-getter than me. I said "may," so don't jump to conclusions.
You make me believe I have it all, because I have everything I have ever wanted.
You make me feel safe. Not because of your wide array of weaponry and martial arts capabilities.  
You understand my unconditional love for Gatto. And secretly I know you love her just as much. 
You put a lid on all my crazy thoughts. I know, I'm a lot to handle. 
You're my baby daddy. Consider yourself lucky.    
You have given me everything. EVERYTHING. The funnest and happiest years of my life.
You give me so much to look forward to because the best is yet to come.  

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