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Friday, June 10, 2011

Overheard in N-Y-C

It's said that every young woman has got to spend some of her single life in NYC.

I don't believe that.

Maybe it's because shows like "Sex and the City" idolize the romance to be found here. And with all the rooftop lounges, outdoor cafes, and park activities, there's no shortage of fun date spots. I'm convinced that these adventurous hot spots in the Apple are sure to keep couples together longer.

In fact, on average, women in NYC get married older than the national average age of 27(ish). Perhaps because Appleites just want to have fun...

And now that summer's underway, love has got to be in the air. Right?

While Superman and I have been out on married-dates, I couldn't help but overhear conversations other couples were having on their no-so-married-dates. Here are a few one-liners picked up at various spots around town:

Man at the sushi resto: "I think what first attracted me to you were your knees. You have knockin knees."

Woman in cafe: "Oh no no no no no, I won't marry you. It's strictly financial."

Woman at the diner: "Now that I know we can live together, I'm moving out."

Unlike "Sex and the City," I think there's alot to be said about being loved regardless of the city, rather than trying to find love in it. There's alot of Apple to be had this summer without knockin knees, dolla bill dilemmas, or extra baggage.

This is just another reason why I am perfectly happy being Married in City.

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