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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Supers Take Manhattan

I'm convinced that only those who truly live in Manhattan can tell the difference between visitors and the residents.

I'm not talking about the hoards of tourists that are mushed in Times Square, and then collectively migrate to Rock Center, then collectively shift downtown, finding their way on a boat to Liberty Island. Those are easy to spot, and Manhattanites generally stay away.

I'm talking about the select few that migrate out of the pack to a remote cafe on the upper west side, realizing they have no idea how they landed there. Besides, everything beyond 59th street is Central Park, right? ;) Completely surrounded by home-grown Manhattanites, they think if they play it cool, they're bound to fit in. Truth is, we see you.

Or, those that live in Manhattan, but not in the neighborhood they happen to be walking in. If you live in any part of the Apple, there's really no need to leave that area. (unless of course you're visiting friends). But the times that you might be on your way, or even if you need to detour, you become, in the minds of a Manhattanite, an unspoken acknowledgement. You're not from here. We know.

But lately I've been thinking that maybe it's not so bad to "get lost" in the Apple once in a while -- leaving the 10 block radius of our home. Even if "getting lost" means finding ourselves somewhere beyond the island.  

Since this will be our first "together" summer in the Apple, Superman and I have made a pact. Starting post-Mediterranean Cruise, we've decided to "get lost" at least once a week. Let's hope we play it off a bit better than those straggling visitors.

"Getting Lost" in Bear Mountain, NY


  1. Dude, let me just point out that you yourself were once a tourist. lol In fact, I believe Kate and I de-virginized you to NYC during our sophomore year at BU. So let's not be so quick to judge the out-of-towners, friend. You were once bright-eyed and confused, just like them.

    PS Sometimes in Boston, I STILL feel like a tourist.

  2. Yes yes. You are right, little lady. What I'm trying to say is the neighborhoods here are each so unique that anytime anyof us venture out of our own, we are visibly tourists. Our goal is to try to "blend in."

  3. Ah, I see, the neighborhood hoppers. To be honest, NYC is scary and I feel tiny there. I think I would probably always be the gal lost on the subway. In fact, that was pretty much the case every day of the summer internship I spent there. I think I would always feel like a Jersey girl on the wrong side of the GW Bridge if I ever ended up there!