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Monday, January 16, 2012

That's What He Said

Superman graduates from his mini-deployment in a few weeks. I've been super consumed with graduation day plans... graduation party plans... not to mention, every day after.

It's been...well... it's been. 

But in the midst of spilling all of my ideas to him, Superman stops me and says: "So, any thoughts on what you want for graduation?" 

Me? I thought. I'm not graduating. 

But that's when my married mind kicked into gear. We are! We are graduating! Sure, I wasn't the one on our team to be sent away. But I'm the teammate that made sure no bill went unpaid, the cat stayed alive, the house still standing, the business afloat, and my sanity is still in check - I think. 

But more than anything, his one liner right there made me feel like we are totally in this together. Yes, that's what he really said. 

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