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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Holiday Gift Idea: Armenia

The holiday season is here!

I'm already conjuring gift ideas in my head. I tend to over think gifts. I want to stay within our budget, but also want to get gifts that are meaningful and in the spirit of the holidays. I know that there's a way to do both -- I just have to over think it until my head explodes.

We've started fundraising for our home building trip to Armenia next year. Along with asking for your support, we'd love for you to consider making a contribution to our trip as part of the charities you'll be donating to this season. You can have the donation be a part of the "gift" you will be giving to your friends or family this year. To me, nothing is more in the "spirit" of the holidays than to give to those in need.

Your donation WON'T be going to pay an organization's overhead. It WON'T be going to pay people's salaries. It WON'T be going to the oblivion of a person or place far far away... never to know what happened.

It WILL be going towards necessary transportation and handyman materials needed for Superman and I to -- with our own two hands -- build homes for families devastated by the earthquake in Armenia, and for those who are in need.  We'll be documenting through photos and video to prove it! You'll know where to find us. ;)

Learn more HERE -- and I really hope that you'll consider supporting our efforts!

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