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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two Days and a Wake Up

I don’t know if hardship builds character, but character overcomes hardship.

In the civilian world, I'd scream: 3 more days until Superman comes HOME FOR GOOD!! But if you ask Superman, it's a little more exact than that. It's "two days and a wake up."  
It's been a wild few months. And even since we've moved back into our home in the Bean, (which has been less than a week), I still haven't had a second to breathe. And I probably won't until Friday. But there are a few things on my homecoming to-do list that I'd like to squeeze in:
  • Confirm post-ceremony lunch
  • Start new job (!!!!)
  • Clean house (Easier to write than to do!!)
What's on your special "to-do" list for homecoming?  

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