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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to School!

Remember when back to school meant back to school SHOPPING!? You couldn't leave the store with less than 8 bags of shtuff.

Office Max was like the Gucci of the 4th grade me. Okay, who am I kidding. More like the DSW.

Well, a few days ago I did my back to school shopping. And it really only amounted to one bag. Dang technology has us replacing paper with laptops and pencil sharpeners with... well, nothing.

You might be thinking: What the eff! You're more educated than 85 percent of the world's population. You dang out lapped your husband in edu-macation. You're borderline over-educated!

Well yes and no. I have an absolute addiction to teaching and learning and teaching and learning. Even though I can quit whenever I want to (ha!), I'm not gonna. Because I love it.

This week I'm starting my first class at NYU (my 8th grade dream school) to get a certificate in creative non-fiction writing.

You also might be thinking, what the eff! You're already a professional writer in the big bad apple -- what more could you possibly ask for!??

A chance to tell a few good stories I've got tucked away to a different kind of audience. In a journal, a magazine, maybe even a book (holy grail!).  Whatever it takes, I'm going do it.

The super household is so excited. I think secretly deep down Superman LOVES the fact that I can't sit still for one minute of my life. I mean, I got Superman excited enough to diligently go through a Pottery Barn catalog and design me a home office. It's a necessary school supply, I say.

So I didn't have that many supplies. But at least I kept it colorful!

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