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Friday, February 11, 2011


So this is it. Our bittersweet pre-deployment getaway. One of the last "us" times we'll have before Superman deploys.

We need some time off. Pre-deployment is turning our world upside down. We've had to sell the bike, rent the house, move our stuff, fill out paperwork, and more paperwork, and more paperwork. Big life changes in such a short amount of time has brought on many sleepless nights and alot of anxiety...

So yes, we need some time off. But this time together also means no more time left together after a few weeks. Life is changing really fast and I don't know if I can handle all any of it.

But I should be grateful. Because this will be our first married Valentine's Day, and we'll get to actually spend it together! Sometimes I feel like the military only adheres to one special day: sendoff.

(Did I mention that Superman is deploying right before my birthday??)

So we thought about some place tropical, but just couldn't swing it this time around. Instead, we're heading to our nation's capital for a few days!

D.C. is near to my heart because I spent one of the best summers of my life there and promised myself I'd work my booty off to get back (once I've had all I could stand in the big apple, that is!) The last time I was in DC was for a journalism conference I attended my senior year of undergrad.

I grabbed one of my best friends Ted and we road tripped it. One of our speakers was a journalist from a pretty big well-respected company with one of the coolest jobs ever. She told us that if we ever wanted to make it to where she was, we just needed to work our booties off -- eat, sleep, and dream the life we wanted.

I must've carbo-loaded on "the life" because now I work at this well-respected place, and she is now one of my colleagues!

DC is near to Superman's heart because... well.... what man in the military isn't wowed by our nation's capital?

If we ever came to a middle ground on a place we could really see ourselves living together (I know, unchartered territory!), it's DC.

For both of us, DC is glamor, is success, is family, is friends, is motorcycle friendly, is baby friendly!

Okay okay, back to reality.

Let's see what the capital has in store for us this time...

No blogging. No computer. No phones. No work for the next few days.

Just Superman, L.S.D., & thoughts of having a life together for once.... maybe in D.C. ;)

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  1. Enjoy this time together Lara!
    I hope you two have a very wonderful Valentine's Day!