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Friday, March 11, 2011

Our New Addition

If you read this, you probably already know by now that Superman and I have got (fur)baby fever.

Well, fabulous readers... after months of trying... we're having a kitty!

Gatto, the superkitty!
Superman is picking up our furry bundle of joy on Sunday, and I just can't wait to meet her. And although I've been waiting a good 24 years to be a fur-mama, I've got to say that when Superman called me at work to tell me we're having a kitty, I almost dropped the phone.

I've never been a furmama before, what if I'm a bad one? What if the kitty doesn't like me? What if we don't bond? What if she bites?

I never understood why Manhattanites love their dogs more than their own kids. In the dead of winter, children will run outside without a coat, but the pup has got to be wearing a sweater and snow boots. Manhattan Mama's get mad that their babies aren't potty trained yet, but they're more than willing to scoop puppy poop for life. 

But then... as I looked and re-looked, and re-looked again and again at this picture of our soon-to-be Gatto, I thought...


I get it.

If she ever dies I will just be inconsolable. I love her too much already!

I know. I'm totally over-thinking this.

So over-thinking this, in fact, that Superman and I watched Super Nanny on TV tonight (great show!), and we thought about how we need to be the best parents ever to this kitty. We will discipline her because we love her. And we will not give in to her cute face when she jumps on the kitchen counter and sneaks food!

Okay, really though.

I think a kitty will be really healthy for our marriage. We are always running a bajillion miles an hour. Our lives are erratic. We're always apart.

But in a few weeks, we start our commitment to physical togetherness. We'll be stepping on our brakes a bit. I think having this kitty will help us be more physically present, it'll help us work together, and take responsibility for another living being.

This also means Superman may be outnumbered by the number of females in his Super household. I secretly almost bought Gatto a tiara and pink beddy today at the store. Just tryna to make her feel at home. 

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