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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stars Collide

Warning: In one week, Superman and I might get boring with each other.

We've been on crazy highs and lows these past few days. 72 hours ago we were not deploying. 48 hours ago we were deploying. 24 hours ago we're not. Dear NY Stock Exchange, meet Army.

As it stands now, Superman's not going anywhere. Of course, either decision made by us and the Army has had us ridden with anxiety.

Part of me thinks: we've been apart for 5 years, so what's another year? We've planned for this anyway, so just go for it.

Another part of me thinks: there are alot of opportunities to be had here at home this year,  alot of major events that it would great to have him to take part. Stay.

I feel selfish either way, since the grass is always greener. Of course, I did a terrible job not getting emotional about all of this. Just because I married a superhero doesn't mean he married one too. But in the end, it's not what I think -- it's about Superman. I'm proud of any decision that he makes for us.

I know that if we leave the unit's send off on Sunday and he feels the need to hop on a bus and get outta town with them, that's okay by me. But if he wants to catch a break for a while, get that marriage patch, and direct his focus to life on the homefront, I'm okay with that too.

My only job now is to just support whatever Superman decides. Either way, we'll get through.

Going on the intel we have at exactly 8:28a.m. on Tuesday, March 22nd...

In one week the Apple Days may get introduced to the Army Nights. I don't think Manhattan is ready for this.

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  1. OMG, I'm not part of this Army-driven process and it's giving Me anxiety! This is pure craziness.