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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bright Side

The bad news: Both B&N and Borders are closing in our neighborhood. This means, there are no more bookstores left in our neighborhood. Not even mom-and-pop ones, since they were shut out by the emergence of the commercial ones.

On the bright side: This means that all the books in these soon to be goner stores are on sale. Big time.

So I finally got myself a legitimate "take me seriously" recipe book, so I will no longer have olive oil stained papers and notecards scattered all over our kitchen counter.

Many Applites don't cook. Some eat out. Every day. In fact, we found ourselves falling into that pit recently, and had to rein ourselves in.  And on nearly bare bookstore shelves, there happened to be tons of fill-in-your-own recipe books to choose from. Guess there's not a huge market for that here (more for me!). 

Recipe #1 -- Steak tips.

Take me seriously, people.


  1. Please share any good ones!!

  2. Will do! In exchange for some amazing carrot cake ;) Miss you!