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Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Newest Addition

One trip to Kusadasi, Turkey, a handwoven carpet presentation, and a convincing seller later...

We are now proud owners of this:

Dear Apple, meet Turkey.

A new carpet -- made from natural lamb's wool (no artificial dyes that you normally see on Turkish carpets). This is our first purchase of a carpet. Growing up, there wasn't an inch of ground in my house that wasn't covered with beautiful carpentry. So you can imagine that this is a huge deal for me and my family.  Now, I think Superman has caught the "carpet bug," since he says he doesn't want to stop there...

We've been saving a little place for it, right beside our bed. And it finally just arrived from Turkey! 

I am not a fan of hardwood floors (at all!!!!) so this is a Godsend.
To me, home is squishing my feet in softness.

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  1. It's beautiful Lara! Great find! And I agree, carpet is soo much cozier for a home =)