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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The World is Your Stage

When you feel like you've lost inspiration in the Apple -- or even just writer's block -- chances are you'll stumble upon something that will reaffirm that anything is possible.

For example, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. An entire Shakespeare production... in an East Village parking lot.

No, but really though. It's an actual production. With unionized actors. And legitimate acting (from actors that got their degrees from my Alma Mater!). And it draws a crowd of curious and "in need of inspiration" Appleites.

My cousin Yaman (a better Appleite than I) recommended that we check it out, and I'm glad we did!

That's Hamlet...
The whole experience got me thinking... forget those people who say you can't do something! And forget that little thing in your head that says, "If only I had more... then I could do..."
Hamlet just played out in two parking spots in the East Village. Get inspired.

In the Apple -- and out -- you can do whatever the heck you want. There is no one two three go.

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