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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am convinced that all problems can be solved by Greek food.

While Apple-ites are debating whether restaurants should disclose calorie counts on their menus, and even provide a healthy rating scale for eateries, you can just find me in Athens, dunking my head in a bowl of feta.

At one point, I decided to keep eating -- not because I was hungry, but because the food tasted so amazing.
I've realized that food is one of the most delicious and affordable things you can get in Europe. And it's probably one of the things that I miss the most -- especially since now that we're back in our Apple neighborhood, we're realizing that the closest grocery store is Whole Paycheck, and no matter what Gelato bar we go to, it just doesn't compare.  

I'm beginning to think that our magical Greek experience is going to get us in real trouble in the real world.

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