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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If you guessed Armenia... you guessed right!

While the thought of vegging on a remote beach somewhere sounds tempting, a two-week volunteer mission to build homes in Armenia seems even more tempting for this Super household.

I've been itching to go to Armenia for a reallllyyy long time. In fact, three years ago I was accepted into a summer program in Armenia, but I was graduating college at the time and thought I need to be a grown up and get into that dwindling job market, fast. In some ways I regretted it because I thought the Armenia trip would be a once in a lifetime chance, and I passed it up. Now I know that might not necessarily be true.

And while I feel a larger connection to my roots in Syria (since we're part of the diaspora in Syria and my whole family is now from there) than I do to the land of Armenia, I do think this would be the chance of a lifetime to connect to my roots, my language, and to share that experience with Superman, who is totally game for all things foreign and fun (and happens to be pretty good at Armenian too!). More importantly, it'll be a chance for us to give to others and leave the best of ourselves in a place that holds a lot.

Here's to Armenia, 2012!

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