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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Apple Autumn, Welcome

Oh Autumn, how I've missed thee. How my wardrobe has missed thee!

Apple Autumns are so beautiful. Central Park. Back to School. Sweata Weatha (even for the doggies).Cider donuts at the Farmers Market two blocks up. Upstate getaways. It's the season I live for here.

I know. You're thinking I should have photo documentation of this magnificence. My photos have been lacking lately. Autumn also means fall television lineups, sweeps, and the arduous stretch of nose-to-the- grindstone and no-days-off-until-Christmas. So today, Autumn for me can only be summed up as...

Salted Caramel Mocha. A lot of it. On my desk. Next to my to-do list.

I've actually decided to take on an overnight shift tonight so I can get all of my work done and then kick back and enjoy the first Apple Autumn weekend.

In fact, Superman asked me out on a date this weekend when he comes home. After thinking long and hard... I figure I'll give the guy a chance. (Who am I kidding! I'm totally in love!)

Dear weekends of Central Park, swanky dinner date, yoga, and "I Don't Know How She Does It," (story of my life!) in theaters now. Here I come!

Hope your weekend will be just as fabulous!

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