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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friends Friends Friends

You're only as good as your friends. And let me tell you, I have the best.

2012 is upon us, and I'm getting that 2-year itch. Every two years, I find myself in a radically different spot in my life. Something major happens. Two years ago I got engaged and bought a house. Two years before that, I picked up my unemployed self and moved to the city I wanted to be in and got a new job that propelled me in the greatest career move yet.

Do you sense a pattern here? Tecumseh's curse, maybe? Since all drastic changes were accompanied by feelings of maladjustment, and a sense of anxiety that the rug of happiness would be pulled out from under me.

But now I've realized that in all the big changes, my friends have been a constant. So constant, in fact, that their words of wisdom are becoming ever more wise... since they pretty much know the drill. Here are a few W.O.W. from which you too might find some inspiration:

  • "The movie trailer will be like 'She had nothing to lose. They had everything to gain. One woman. one wall street, this summer... The Journalist.' Or wha'eva."
  • "Sometimes, stuff just happens and it works itself out."
And what I was recently reminded by so many ...

Thank you Pinterest

Thank you, friends! 

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