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Friday, December 23, 2011

That's What He Said

I know you've been missing these.

So by know I hope you know that Superman is the definition of Alpha male. Case in point: he spent most of last weekend's Christmas party talking about different gun brands. His solution to all my problems is to "mace liberally."

He's the protector, the provider. Him Tarzan. Blah blah. You get the point. (If you need any more justification: Read This.)

He's no shmoosh.

In fact, even in the beginning stages of our relationship into our engagement, Superman was not a "public display of affection" kinda guy. We've always been super private.

But lately, a few things have changed. Drastically. So I present to you the (I-can't-believe) that's what he said/did:

(At a very public diner, which we frequent very often, so the folks there know us very well):

Me: I'm the best business partner you're ever going to have. 

Superman: You're the only business partner I ever want. 

**Sappy smoochy face; hand holding, melting ooeeyyy gooeyy feelings of warmth and butterflies and rainbows and circus animals and...** Okay, I'm pushing it.

But you get it.

The truth is, damn right I'm the best business partner. Our business is doing pretty darn good while you're on your mini-deployment, Captain! Getting the credit I deserve is pretty good. But the private moments spilling over into public-hood -- in a way that's not disgustingly uncomfortable for other people -- is just way better.

We keep it classy, people.

So cute you just want to barf. I know. We're turning into the shmooshy couple that is super too in love that we're starting to love each other in public all the time.

I. Love. It.

(Minus the booty pinches. Seriously though. Those hurt.)

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