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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Viva La Stilettos!

Stilettos are perhaps the most dynamic of fashion pieces for lady Appleites.

It's regarded as the status symbol of mastering the uneven streets of New York while doubling as a weapon to kick the poop out of anyone who gets in your space.

But for this Army wife whose husband is on a mini-deployment, stilettos are the new toolbox.

A few nights ago I came home to the sound of the fire detector beeping loud and obnoxiously every 30 seconds. I couldn't reach high enough to check it out. At first I thought I'd just leave it alone and maybe I'd stop noticing long enough for Superman to come home and fix it. (This is coming from the same lady who, 3 months into a yearlong deployment to Iraq, wanted to wait for Superman to come home and change the burnt out light bulbs in her bedroom).

But after a few subsequent beeps, I had enough.

I grabbed a pair of my stilettos and chucked it at the detector, and it came crashing down. Lord knows if I broke it since pieces of it went every which way. But the house is peaceful and quiet again. So, I call that fixed.

And that, my friends (and husband), is why every woman needs less screwdrivers, and more stilettos.

1 comment:

  1. This is amazing reasoning on your part Lara, Love it!

    And for all others reading this, as the roommate during aforementioned year-long Iraq deployment, I can vouch for the validity of her wanting to wait for Superman to change a light-bulb!!
    I consider this throwing method improvement :)