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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lara Loves Travel

Earlier this year when Superman was getting ready to deploy, I started a photography "ramped-up hobby." a.k.a. -- business.

My primary business goal was to cater to military families whose loved ones were deployed. I really wanted to make sure to capture the moments that a loved one couldn't be there to see. There have been so many great opportunities that have led to some really great shots...

And while I continue to work with military families (and love every minute that I do!), I've started a more public collection of prints to sell called, "Lara Loves Travel."

So, in the next few days, when you're sitting in your office, or in class, or in your room... counting the hours... and instead, wishing you could be here:

Or here:

Or hangin with him:

You can. Through the "Lara Loves Travel" collection. Some are on Etsy now! More to come.

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