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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Brand New Start Of It!

A few years ago, I was offered and accepted the opportunity of a lifetime- the big Apple.

*cue music*

These vagabond shoes
They're longing to stray 
right through the very heart of it... 

And I truly mean lifetime. I've dreamed about being a writer in NYC since I can remember. And with a lot of hard work, a heap of prayers, and a world of support from my family and friends, it happened for me. The stars aligned for me. It was the right time in my life to take an incredible risk.

It happened. It really happened!

But this month will be our last in the Apple. Superman received a great opportunity in the Bean and subsequently so did I. So it's time to move on.

I wrote. I produced.  I networked TVed. I ate. I shopped. I Empire Hoteled. I Century 21ed. I found out I truly am an Uptown girl. I Upper East Sided. I Upper West Sided. I got everything that should never be delivered, delivered.

And most importantly, I checked some big life experiences right off my list. And I know I'd be here longer if I wasn't married to Superman.

But I am. So now I've got to do the next big thing that scares me -- move my big city self to a small town. And believe it or not, I have some bigger dreams -- bigger than the big Apple -- to realize.

But don't worry. The stilettos aren't going anywhere. Neither is the go-getting. (hello! Do you know me!??) I made a promise to the universe that I'll make the best of it.

And trust me, if I can make it there, I'll make it... anywhere.

So take it away, Frankie!!!!!!!.....

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