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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm drowning in this. 

And there's still so much to be done. More than just boxes -- life is changing faster than I can pack it all up and ship it!  A few days ago I found out I won another award for my work, I've been invited to speak again at the largest national conference in my field, I have a major shoot coming up, two huge meetings that if I even think about who it's with I may vomitron, and I'm continuing to work full-time right into the big move.

I'm blessed. I'm so blessed.

Moving day is just a week away.  So I've gotta hang it up for a while until we settle in and slow down. Who am I kidding -- us? slow down?

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  1. Hey Lara, that's awesome! Congrats for winning the award! You're always so busy, you'd probably implode if you didn't have all these things going on, lol.