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Monday, February 20, 2012

What Friends Are For

One thing I really credit the Apple for doing -- fostering strong friendships. I think this town is so wild that you need to find good girlfriends who'll pull you back to earth if you're ever going to survive. Even though one of us has moved out, one of us will be moving out, and the other is planning her move out, we always come together feeling like we never left.

Yes. We G-chat even though we sit right next to each other.

Yes. We call each other out if we're being out of line -- or if we forget to look ourselves in the mirror before coming into work (guilty!!).

And Yes. No matter where we are, we Google+ hangout while watching trashy TV like the "Bachelor." Because let's face it, trashy TV is only as good as the facial reactions to the redonk situations that are taking place.

And trust me, we know what redonk is. We live(d) in the Apple.

Translation: I have some pretty great friends.

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