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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Burb Girl

Now that I've let my coworkers know about what's to come, I've started to feel better about this upcoming move. In fact, a few got a bit emotional about my city to suburb move -- one even saying, "you're going to have a backyard!"

Oh my goodness. She's right.

There's also going to be more room to do this:

But I also think that just like the rite of passage to be a city girl, there's also a rite of passage to become a  burb girl. Things like:
  • In bed by 10. (because let's face it. nothing is open after 9p.m.)
  • Start or Join a Book Club (sounds burby.)
  • Never worry about buying only the amount of groceries you can carry (welcome back car!)
  • Backyard BBQs and sidewalk chalk (because we own our grass, and our driveway).
Don't get me wrong -- I will definitely suffer some post-Manhattan depression.

But more sleep? More food? More reading? More friend face time? Sign me up.

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