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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apple & Army

Today, Superman and I have been married 3 months. But we don't live together. Yet.  

Blame it on the military. Well, partially... because even though I'm an Army wife, I don't quite live that cliche army life.

There are many misconceptions about Army wives. Of course, stereotypes come from some truth, but my life isn't about fitting into that mold. 

I don't live on a base. I don't live off of my husband's salary. We're both "highly" educated [one of us higher than the other ;) ] I've got my own career. And come March, while Superman is deployed to AFG for a year, I'll be livin in the big apple chasin a hard-worked-for dream.

In the 5 years that we've known each other, we've spent less than a year in the same location. We have two "homes" that we built together, but we still don't live together full-time.  Instead, we live our life through phones, letters, and emails. Blame that on the training, past year-long deployment, and the one that's on the way.

And while Superman's been away a lot, I feel an overwhelming motivation to move forward in my life and my career, instead of waiting empty-handed "at home." I feel an overwhelming responsibility to find personal success. So that's taken me to many different places across the country while he's been gone. You can say that while he's TDY, I've been TDY too. And what's great is that for now, our relatioship dynamic works for that kind of life. I've always got to have my hand in something. And Superman is so supportive of "doin my own thang."   

Many days we really hate it, and we know we can only live that way for so long. We vowed our life will change when he returns from this deployment.Wherever in the world we end up, we will be there together. Full-time.

For now, we'll spend these final three months taking advantage of every chance we get together, before we spend our year apart.

Until we can finally pull ourselves together under one roof, this is our story.


  1. I was very excited to receive a personal invitation to view this blog! I loved your wedding blog and I am super excited to follow this one! I love it so far <3 and I would love to help you knock some of those things off of your 2011 in 2011!

  2. I found your blog via milblogging.com. :D

    And, this post caught my attention, because I too don't live with my husband. Made me feel a little better knowing there really is a fellow newly-wed military wife who is separated from the "military life".