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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 52 (1)

Forget what dating men and women say about knowing their significant other inside out.

Many married folks will probably confirm that you probably only know about 60% of the person before you get married. When you're married to the military, maybe less.

Everytime Superman and I learn something new about each other, we shout out a percentage point. Right now we're at 64%... which is great considering we've only been married a solid 3 months!

Here's what brought on 62%:

I told Superman that in high school my photos were selected for a huge photography exhibit over another student who not only had 6 more years of experience than I did (I had about 6 months)... but that student was also accepted into a prestigious art school. He was a good friend and I was shocked.

At my high school, the pre-requisite to entering an independent study class for photography was to take a beginner class, then intermediate, then expert. Only then could you apply for independent study.

That didn't fly with me. So I BEGGED  sent gentle requests every hour of every day, until finally the teacher said okay. And I promised him I wouldn't disappoint. That semester became the best of my high school career.

... At that point in my life, Superman was no where to be found... (thank goodness, because come on, it's high school)

So last month, Superman bought me the amazing camera of my dreams and said, "Show me what you got."

Bring It.

Thus emerged "Project 52."  Every week of this year includes a different photography assignment. I absolutely love a good challenge and when I saw this on another milspouse's blog (thanks D.A.R.!!) I had to engage immediately.

I realized I have one week of catching up to do.

Week 1:  Black & White.

Asta La Pasta!

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