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Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

These past few days I took a mid-week trip with my best friend Darcy up to Rochester, NY, to visit two of our great friends who live in the area -- Ted and Brian!

I'd never been to Rochester before, and who knew it would be such a fun city. But only because there were friends to share the experience.

I mean where else would we be able to experience this as a morning wake up call, and an early afternoon pick-me-up:

Well, maybe Superman in the car... (Oh, gosh, repressive memories...)

I've realized that while I absolutely love the apple, it's good to get away. Often. The daily grind can suck the soul right out of you. And sometimes you just need a good friend like Ted to karaoke hits like, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," to find it again.

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