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Monday, January 24, 2011

Deployment Lifesavers

Now that we're in full blown pre-deployment phase, it's crunch time. And we're feelin it.

Pre-deployment phase can only be described as a fury of strategizing, emergency preparedness, pre-emptive crisis averting, errand running,  list making, and mounds and mounds of paperwork. Not to mention creating a plan A, then a plan B, then a C, then a D, then a then a then a....

And still, the story goes that whatever you don't prepare for, will probably happen. We are well aware.

While this isn't our first deployment overall, it our first married deployment -- and let me tell you, it's a whole different ballpark. I'm also a bit farther away from many of the friends and family that pulled me through the first deployment.

Besides creating personal goals for the year, there's alot of grown up stuff that I'll need to take care of.

So I've pulled together a few resources that have been pre-deployment lifesavers for us so far:
These organizations and programs have certainly eased our mind a bit as we prepare for the big year ahead.

Do you have any resources you've found helpful or you think would be helpful? Please share!


  1. I know nothing about deployment prep, but whatever I can help with, call me!!

  2. Thanks lady! Know I can always count on you!