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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potty Mouth

Superman looks innocent.

But he's got a vice that I never quite knew until after we started living together...

He has a potty mouth. No, not those 4 letter words that we all know. But these crazy phrases that have some pretty crazy meanings that I had no idea existed until this week. According to Superman everyone knows these words and what they mean. Some people even use these words on a regular basis.

Blame it on the Army, blame it on where he grew up, but in these few weeks I've gotten a rude awakening on what people know. Here he is saying things I never even knew had words to describe them.

Sorry folks. I would just bury myself in the depth of guilt if I repeated these terrible words. But it's just crazy! 

So maybe I've grown up in a very sheltered environment that these words have never crossed my path. But I've gotta admit, after hearing a few of these phrases, I'm happy about it.

We've been trying to break him of the habit because if he uses it around Gatto the cat, he's definitely going to use it around the nonexistent kiddos.

How do we turn Superman's mouth around???

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  1. HAHAH OMG I totally went through this. It's ENTIRELY the Army!! The shit they come up with is UNREAL and not anything you hear among the most dirtymouthed civilian.. I too have used his shameful lingo, but it can be somewhat satisfying in frustrating situations, just as long as my mother and grandmother never hear :)