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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Would Happen...?

The following conversation just ensued:

Superman: What would happen if our internet just happened to disconnect for one week...

*my eyes widen in shock*

Superman: And what would happen if we got rid of the Outlook, got rid of the blogging, got rid of this whole computer for a whole week...

Me: Listen kid. Don't speak such blasphemy in this house. We are in Manhattan, not Misoula, mister.

Superman: And we confiscated the crackberry, and the bigger crackberry.

Me: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Stop tallkkinngg!!!

This sinful conversation was followed immediately by an MMA-style brawl on our living room floor. Not alot of things in this household require a leg lock, mount, and front ball kick to the face. But tell this Apple girl to disconnect from the world? You had it comin.


  1. HAHA
    You and Kate with the same posts today! Hilarious!!

    I'm with you though, a leg-lock was definitely in order on this one!