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Monday, May 9, 2011

From the Outside, Looking In

One of the more interesting parts of the unconventional wedding Superman and I attended this weekend was some people's reaction to hearing that we live in the Apple. When we told one couple sitting at our table that we live in Manhattan (only because they asked) the immediate followup question was: "Do you like it?"

We do.

Then, the wife replied: "Whenever we visit Manhattan, I hate it. It is just so dirty, and people are always touching you. And isn't it just so expensive?"

The words escaped us. We didn't know if that was a rhetorical question, or whether she really did mean to stomp on our territory.

There's more to the Apple than Times Square, than the Empire State Building, than the pushcarts and the street vendors. In fact, you'll never find Manhattanites anywhere near these "tourist traps."

You're more likely find us at the $1.50 Oyster nights in a swanky spot on the Upper West, at volunteer meetings on the Upper East, at a remote garden lounge in Greenwich, or even at a grocery store picking up food -- because yes, those exist here, and yes, some Appleites do cook.

But I guess you'll never know if you're on the outside, looking in.

Such was the response -- said in an incredibly polite fashion, and followed up with a big happy Appleite grin (seen below): 

Sincerely, the Supers.

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