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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scheme Scheme Plot Plot

The furthest out Superman and I have ever planned was our wedding day. We picked our wedding date a year in advance and, after putting thousands of dollars down on all of our vendors, we prayed that the date would work. In fact, we had deployment clauses placed in all of our contracts so we could get a refund in case the military found out about our plans (shhh!! it's listening!!!) and decided to have its way with us. Luckily it worked out for us.

Now that I'm an Army wife, I'm completely convinced that'll be the furthest we will ever plan ever again.

We'd really like to take another honeymoon for our first anniversary, but we're not sure where our lives will be come October. I know. Even October, which is only a few months away is too far out!

For now, the furthest out we can plan is July -- so we're taking full advantage! Nowhere is off limits!

Where in the world should we go???

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