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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Running Day!

Today was the big day! And I never knew I would be as nostalgic as I was walking into Fenway Park. The last time I was in the Park was nearly 6 years ago, when Superman and I went on our "first date." This time though, we came back to the park married (!!) 

Now, this place is so close to our hearts and we were so excited to come back for such a meaningful event - the Run to Home Base Program.

Superman looked so dreamy...

In fact, this is the same Gate that we entered nearly 6 years ago...

I didn't know it then, but today I  do. There's the love of my life!

One of the many fun moments of the day is when Superman totally beat Senator Scott Brown to the finish line!

Almost there!


And here's Superman crossing home plate and shaking hands with the president of New Balance.

We absolutely had the time of our lives. We think Superman came in the top 20 -- hopefully we'll get the times and ranks soon! Thank you to all who contributed to the Run to Home Base Program and made this run possible!

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