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Sunday, May 1, 2011

"The Other Woman"

If you're married to a Soldier, you know that the inner circle you think you've created, also known as "marriage," is really a triangle. Because just as long as your Soldier is in it, the military will always be, "the other woman."

In fact, there will always be one person in the military -- whether it's an XO, a battalion commander, or even just a good buddy -- to whom your Soldier will beckon at every call. And in the military, that "call" most likely means no spouse allowed.

We definitely have one of those. Let's just call our triangle completer... C.B.I.

Superman describes C.B.I. as almost inhuman. At first, I thought Superman was a little loony. Until a couple years ago when I met C.B.I. I realized - it's no lie. The man walks with purpose. And when he speaks to you in a crowd, the whole room disappears. Many times I wonder what his wife must be like. I mean really now, it's one thing to be married to a Superhero, but an X-men?

The good and bad of it all is that C.B.I has taken Superman under his wing.

(No, C.B.I. doesn't really have wings... I think.)

Every so often, C.B.I will appear back in our life, and give Superman an offer he can't refuse. And the bad part is sometimes, Superman doesn't. A few times, it landed us in a relationship conundrum because the decision was made before I could even chime in. I thought the "other woman" should just be quiet background noise, but initially it started to have more clout than the Superwife! You betchur bottom that didn't last too long.

Still, every now and again, when the phone jingles with the special C.B.I. ring -- or during a public event when C.B.I. scoops Superman away to talk business -- I can't help but get a little anxious about what new obstacle course adventure "the other woman" will be throwing our way.

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