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Friday, May 13, 2011


When you're married to the military, many of those around you who are not truly believe that your household is run like bootcamp.

Many will think that since your hubs is the model of fitness (which they know only because they've seen "those guys on TV"), you, by default, are one as well. Therefore, your fitness advice becomes word. And when they say they're looking  for a "workout buddy," they're really just looking for you.

Lucky for me, our house is run like bootcamp. (Kidding!) But more often than not Superman does kick my bum in shape. So when a group of girls at my office talked about signing up for a Warrior Dash, naturally they figured that the Army wife (ahem, me!) could get the team in shape for the big day.

I know it sounds crazy but I feel like if I don't do a great job at this, I'd be letting every Army wife down. After all, I gotta represent the team ;)  So I'm determined to woop their bums... in a good way of course.
Today was our first work out day, and I definitely brought the Army to the Apple! Some of them figured that I would lead them this first time, and then they'd hire a personal trainer  to keep things going. And since they're better invested Appleites than me, they had some well-known superstar trainers in mind. But after our workout today, they're kicking those superstars to the curb and keeping the wifey!

In fact, our team name is now, "Special Forces." HAHA!

I guess I'm just keeping the stereotype going for these ladies that all Army wives, by default, are fit and fabuluous. Enh, that's a stereotype that I can live with.

Now, if I can only get them to stop thinking that all of our ARMY hubs belong to Seal Team Six... ;)

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